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Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania

 Ελλάδα / Κρήτη / Χανιά / Πόλη Χανίων
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Τύπος : [Συνεδριακά Κέντρα]

Περιγραφή Συνεδριακού Χώρου Φωτογραφίες Συνεδριακού Χώρου Χωρητικότητα Κράτηση

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MAICh is located in the beautiful City of Chania in Crete Island. Heraklion Town is 145 Km ( 90 miles ) from Chania. The Bus takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

By Air there are three possible ways for arriving to Chania :

  • Direct Flight from Hometown to Chania ( wherever is possible ).
  • Flight from Hometown to Athens and then Chania.
  • Flight Hometown to Heraklion, Crete, and then by Bus or Taxi to Chania.


About MAICh:

The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh) was created in accordance with Law 4443/64, which established Greece as a founder-member of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM). Its foundation took place under Law 1537/85, which was passed by the Greek Parliament following the provision of Article 28, paragraph 1 of the Constitution (after at least a 2/3 majority of members in favor ).

The Centre constitutes an international organization whose aim is the development of scientific cooperation in the sectors of economics, rural development, management, and applied biological, technological and environmental sciences, addressing to problems in the Mediterranean area. The Mediterranean Agronomic Institutes of Bari (Italy), Montpellier (France) and Saragoza (Spain) are constituent Institutes of the same organization. The annual budget contribution of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania is entirely provided by the Greek government.

The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania offers post-graduate specialist studies ( over a period of two academic years ), leading to the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.). Courses are conducted in the English language by visiting professors from Greek, European, American and Mediterranean Universities in cooperation with the Institute. Research work at Master's level is carried out under the supervision and guidance of University professors and researchers.

An important comparative advantage accruing from the activities of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania is that the competence in the development of cooperation is highlighted within the European Union, the Mediterranean basin and Balkan countries, both in the provision of post-graduate training of executives and academics from these countries, as well as in the contribution to their economic development through common research and development projects.

Conference Centre:

The Conference Center of MAICh with its versatile design combines First Class standards of comfort and service with the latest technology in a prestigious location. It is situated in a picturesque, typical Mediterranean pine-tree forest setting, 3 km south-east of the City of Chania, 13 km from the International Airport and 1 km from the Port.

It satisfies the requirements of very sophisticated and advanced Conferences, accommodates Seminars, Symposiums, Meetings and Presentations and hosts simultaneously or independently Exhibitions and Poster Sessions.

MAICh's Conference Department combines knowledge, professionalism, consistency and the expertise of highly skilled personnel and executive staff to organize Meetings and Conferences assisted by specific Conference management software. It facilitates functions relevant to Conference organization such as Marketing, Budgeting, Advertising, Scientific Program, Social Program, and Registration. It also offers Secretarial Multilingual Services before, during and after the event.

Conference Halls:

Aristotle : A Luxurious 200 seat auditorium ( 330m2 ).

Thales-Heraclitus : A Multipurpose Hall with 9 Simultaneous Interpreting Booths, can be subdivided into 2 Independent Meeting Rooms, total capacity 200 seats ( 230 m2 ).

Socrates - Theophrastus - Pythagoras - Demokritus : Maximum versatility according to requirements can function as one to four Independent Amphitheatres, total capacity 260 seats ( 448 m2 ).

Archimedes - Epicurus : Two Interconnected Exhibition and / or Conference Halls offering flexible seating and decoration arrangements, total capacity 220 seats ( 240 m2 ).

The Conference Halls are supported by all the Modern Audio-visual Equipment, including Video, Overhead and Slide Projectors, two BARCO Video Projectors, PHILIPS ProScreen 60, large Screens, Simultaneous Interpreting System, Video Recorders, Cordless Microphones, Exhibition Stands, Internet and Email Access in different places.

Services :

This organizes Congresses, Seminars, Symposia, Meetings and Presentations. It accommodates Exhibitions either held concurrently with the above or independently, and Poster Displays. It undertakes to provide vertical support where Conference Services are concerned.

Academic Village:

The Academic Village comprises a Complex of fifteen Luxurious Stone Houses ( Apartments), constructed in Traditional Cretan Architectural style. Situated on the premises of MAICh which have fittingly laid out as a Botanical Garden ( under construction ) of Mediterranean type.

Every Stone House has an Open-air Terrace of approximately 65 m2. These Apartments are placed in the disposal of Visiting Colleagues, Academics, and Researchers, Conference Keynote Speakers or VIP Delegates.

Dormitories :

The Dormitory Complex of MAICh has a capacity of 54 Single and 72 Double Rooms, which are fully Air-conditioned, fully Wired for TV, Telephone and Computer Network Access. A Common Kitchenette and a TV Lounge is available.

Restaurant & Student Lounge:

The Restaurant has a serving capacity for 260 persons, it is complemented by a Snack Bar with a large TV Screen. Adjacent to the Restaurant is a cozy Multifunctional Lounge with a Fire place and multiethnic music collection, designed to accommodate cultural and academic events and activities. The Institute's Restaurant serves meals ( Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ) daily except on Sunday ( cold dish is served ).

Computer Centre:

MAICh's 170 Workstation Ethernet Network, EIA/568, is based on a central fiber optic backbone and consists of four major user groups: Administration, Computer Center / Documentation Center, Sabbatical / Visiting Fellows and the Conference Center. Services include email, Internet access, X.25, and TCP/IP ( Http,Telnet, Ftp ).
The Software Library includes advanced statistical and operations research programs such as SAS, CSS, LINDO, LINGO and WHAT'S BEST, in addition to numerous programs concerning applied agricultural research and natural resource management.


Basic MAICh Activities:

MAICh assists the aims of the E.U. and Greek foreign policy, related to the Mediterranean and the Balkan countries, through the creation of common educational and research interests and the transfer of the comparative benefits connected with them.

MAICh offers enhanced post-graduate education and research activities at M.Sc. level to executive personnel from the countries of the broader Mediterranean basin. Its strength in such specialized scientific activities is attested by an output of about 150 graduates annually who are absorbed by the public and private sectors of these countries, forming the basis for cooperation between them, the E.U. and Greece.

MAICh organizes specialized courses and seminars both at its headquarters and in third countries of the Mediterranean and Balkan regions addressed to executive employees through cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of National Economy (Bilateral Development Assistance Cooperation, DAC), and EU (DGI), PHARE-TEMPUS programs, etc.

MAICh coordinates research networks, which address spearhead topics in European and/or Mediterranean countries.

MAICh participates in the implementation of post-graduate programs of pan-European character ( SOCRATES -ERASMUS ).

MAICh contributes vigorously to the implementation of research policy in the Community strongly participating to pan-European joint ventures in competitive actions of the DGI, DGVI, DGXI, DGXII, DGXXIII. As a result, full advantage is gained from specialized manpower and opportunities for development are created for medium-sized enterprises.

MAICh joins in the implementation of national research policy with participation in the activities inaugurated through the Community Support Framework, by the Ministry for Development, the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, as well as in application development actions carried out by the Ministries of National Economy (INTERREG), Agriculture, and Environment (LIFE), and the Regional Authority of Crete.

MAICh contributes to regional and local development through innovative actions carried out by (ECOS-OVERTURE, Regional development programs, Article 8 of FEOGA) etc.

As a consequence of the program of Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Cooperation (MEDA), MAICh has been afforded further opportunities and the multiplier effect of benefits from its activities has gained even greater weight. MAICh has already implemented actions, which are funded by an agreement on cooperation between CIHEAM-EU/DGI within the framework of MEDA.

MAICh creates sources of self-funding from laboratory analyses, documentation services, and Congresses facilities.

From the point of view of cost/benefit analysis of this social investment, adheres direct benefits which amount to an additional 80% increase of the value of the contribution of the Greek Government and the indirect benefits lead to educational, research and development of manifold value.

Athletic Facilities & Recreation:

MAICh's Athletics Installations and Recreational Facilities include Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball Courts, TV Lounge, Bar, Billiards, Table Tennis, a closed Gymnasium ( near completion ), Laundry Room, Parking Area, Card Phones, Facilities for the Disabled.

Students can also participate in Recreation Groups of Chania, such as, the Mountain-hikers Club, Bicycle's Club, etc.

Depending of the initiatives taken by the student council the Institute facilitates the introduction of Aerobic and Pottery Classes, Cultural Nights, Movies, Theatre Plays, etc.

Περιγραφή Συνεδριακού Χώρου Φωτογραφίες Συνεδριακού Χώρου Χωρητικότητα Κράτηση