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Hersonissos is a town in the north of Crete. This community is about 25 klm east of Heraklion and west of Agios Nikolaos. What is usually called Hersonissos is in fact its harbour. The little village of Hersonissos is located nearby this lively and busy touristy resort and seems to be indifferent to the crowd and bustle of the port, keeping its simplicity and authenticity.

Ruins from the Roman period can be seen in the surrounding area as well as some port remains which are visible under the sea.

Just a few of the nearby villages to explore are Old Hersonissos, an excellent showcase for Cretan architecture, Avdou, a traditional Cretan village, the hillside villages of Koutouloufari and Piskopiano with their lovely village atmosphere, and Thrapsano, where they make the Cretan clay pots. Also, the areas close proximity to Heraklion, with good and frequent bus service, gives you the opportunity to visit this bustling city without having to stay there.

Several of the highlights of the area would certainly include its lively nightlife, water sports activities and archaeological sites. Innumerable Hotels and Luxury Resorts offer luxurious services in entertainment, Spa, conventions, water sports and other special events.

Its also an excellent choice for families with children, as most hotels offer lots of attractions to entertain the kids. In addition, it features the largest water park in Greece, which is an exciting recreation for the entire family.

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