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Rethymno combines rarely united features: the old town's charm and history, with proximity to a long sandy beach up to 20 klm long!

The city of Rethimno is the unique city of Crete, which keeps invariable her middle age character. The picturesque villages of Rethimno in Psiloriti are still living alive with traditional ways and rhythms composing in a unique way the tradition of centuries with the modern way of life. Its lively museums are open for visitors all year. The glory beaches, the forests, the monasteries and the monuments of Venetian domination are giving in this region a unique and picturesque character.

Rethimno and particularly the old city is a monumental museum. The Fortetza castle gives its own physiognomy. The Byzantine and Venetian churches near minarets and Tourkish springs, the old houses with kiosks, the lanes and the simultaneous streets of the new city, all together compound a mosaic which testimony the history of the city. Today's old town (palia poli) is almost entirely built by Venetians. It is one of the best preserved old towns in Crete that still maintains its old aristocratic appearance.

A very rich prefecture, as far as history, archaeology, culture, climate, food and drink and the lovely personality of its local inhabitants is concerned!

Visit our sight and find the accommodation in Rethymno city and prefecture that suits your personality and let the locals make sure that you relax, enjoy the best traditional food and music and feel as comfortable as home.

Rethymno's convenient aspect is that it is nearly equidistant from both main airports, Chania and Heraklion - meaning many more flight options (you can fly into either airport, whichever suits you). Ferries sail into Rethymno from Athens port (Pireas) daily. Rethymno is also linked with a weekly sailing to Santorini and other Greek islands.

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