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The Crete Golf Club



The blue water of the Greek sea is the best place for yachting and sailing. Greece is one of the world's favourite holiday destinations. It offers thousands boundless sandy beaches, great weather, beautiful towns and villages, a rich history and more.The amazing climate in the summer months, the hundreds of islands, inhabited or not, the Greek dolphins that accompany the sailing boats, all compose the beautiful picture of summer in Greece.

Discover small uninhabited islands all around the Aegean Sea and visit beaches that noone has ever visited before. Organize your own cruise and let your captain take you to the most beautiful, isolated place of Greece.

Once you live with your boat to the destination that you desire, relax and let the well trained crew to take care of the smallest details in the most discrete way. Enjoy the excellent Mediterranean cuisine onboard with fresh fish from the small fishing villages that you pass by.

Our fleet is one of the largest and most organized in the world. We cooperate with the most reliable companies world wide and we guarantee the excellent personnel and service onboard. The yachts and sailing boats are all well preserved in order to assure that nothing will go wrong while you are on your holiday.

Give us the chance to give you, your family and friends the best holiday.

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